May 5, 2018


HEIRZ is a DJ-Producer/Duo comprised of Alex Sutherland (SouthLvnder) and Haakon Taylor (HAAKEYE). Their sound generally consists of grungy synthesizers, hip hop style drums and percussion, and influences from all over the underground bass music spectrum. There are no genre limitations within their DJ sets, so you never know what to expect. Keep your eyes and ears out for the duo's debut EP, Rogue, which will be released by underground bass music label MalLabel Music on 6.22.2018.

What have you been up to?

Haakon: Lately we have been planning for a big summer with lots of fun shows and new production. Also, we have been enjoying the weather change and feeling like we can go outside again when we aren’t glued to our computers.

Alex: Always working on something. If I am not at my day job, then I am working on HEIRZ stuff, and there is always something. Aside from the production and DJing side, I have been working more on my graphic design skills (I have done everything visually for us thus far) which has been cool.

How and where did you record your mix?

H: We recorded the mix just having fun at our main studio space. We just kind of did our thing live like we normally do and hit record. Few beers were enjoyed in the process.

A: What he said. For our DJ sets, in general, we both build separate crates and then share music with each other. This one was definitely a little more “pre-planned” than if we were playing live but we wanted to capture as many different vibes as possible.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

H: The mix is a fusion of everything really. we love a very unique bass style that really shows in our song selection and originals that we play.

A: There is sooooo much good music out there that for this mix I wanted to put a bunch of the cool stuff I have found recently as well as some older tunes that came to my mind when we were asked to do this mix! A lot of this stuff I find to be really interesting, groovy, and forward-thinking bass music, but perhaps not the best to rage all night on the club floor too. I really like to tell a story and set a vibe with my mixes, even though most of the time you see us play I am the one bouncing across the stage lol. We included 1 original off the new EP (Jazzy Shit), but left the rest out, so you will have to come see us live before its all released.

What are you up to next?

H: Next we have a Single release coming out from our new Rogue EP mid may, then the EP comes out June 22nd on Mallabel Music which we are very excited for. A few other releases and collabs will be sprinkled in the next few months as well as some big show announcements coming soon!

A: Just keep grinding and learning every single day.


  • Blake Skowron - In Control
  • Decap - YEAH
  • Concentrate & Phers - Stalactite
  • Twerl & Devault - Lishu
  • Novka - Dat Vibe (Original Mix)
  • Arthur Martinelli & Fernando de Sa - Rock the Party
  • kLL sMTH - Nawt Hawt
  • LAF x Simple Nick x Crystal Moth - Big Ben
  • Chynna - The Conversation (CharlestheFirst Remix)
  • thook - menace to society
  • Baht - Temple
  • Abra, josh pan - give it to ya (Original Mix)
  • HEIRZ - Jazzy Shit (Original Mix)
  • Trudos x Bassboy - Raspberry Ice Tea
  • Eyeseeu - On the Down Low (Original Mix)
  • Greeze - 80’s feel
  • Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Hex Cougar Flip
  • Xjado - Perx
  • Sumthin Sumthin - Bloom
  • DJANK YUCCA - Noise
  • The Pack - Vans (Bleep Bloop Remix)
  • UZ - Magellan
  • Andrew Luce - Babygirl
  • Ascidzz - Drama
  • The OriGinALz - Miltonian
  • ELEX - Local
  • TLZMN - Phantom
  • Vince Staples - Blue Suede
  • episcool - Perp Walk
  • Zeds Dead, Cozway & Illenium - Where the Wild Things Are (Cozway Remix)
  • LITLBIRD - Centipede (GREAZUS Remix)
  • Cozway & Play Lefty - Tribe
  • Esseks - Nintender
  • Craze - Rinse Dem Out (Original Mix)