59. Joint4Nine

May 20, 2021


Peace Portal is doing a bit of 'globetrotting' over the next several months, bringing though the portal for you house music from around the world.

First up on our summer vacation list is Bogota, Colombia, as we catch up with Joint4Nine. Over the last several years Ivan Lozano (aka Joint4Nine) has built a name for himself in the Latin American dance music scene, with releases on labels around the world. Most recently this roster includes the like of Sengiley Recordings, GLBDOM, and Masterworks, all while overseeing A&R at Nomada Records.

We took some time to catch up with Ivan to see what he's been up to, and to get a better sense of what's going on in his realm of house music.

What experiences with music lead to you becoming Joint4Nine?

I’m almost 40 and I’ve been always surrounded by Music since my teenage, I studied sound engineering and I started producing music as Joint4Nine more or less three years ago. I like plenty of genres in music such as Hip Hop, Triphop, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Indie, Funk, Boogie, Afro, Highlife, Reggae, Breaks, House, Deep House, Acid House, Power Metal, Nu Metal and …. I like music with a unique, strong identity and speech.

I’m always searching for new concepts and textures in my music. I’m trying to find and consolidate my sound as a producer.

You recently released music with Sengiley Wax, Masterworks, and GLBDOM. Can you talk about the house music community surrounding labels like these and Nomada?

I really like what GLBDOM and Sengiley Wax have been doing this past year. Those are new and small labels from Russia with a good taste in Houseusic. They have been putting out great music constantly in digital, cassette andvinyl. About Nómada; We are a small independent label from Bogotá (Colombia).Now we’re focusing in doing vinyl releases and our forthcoming release will be out next May 27th and it features amazing music by Sofatalk and Last Nubian.

How did your label Nomada Records get started?

Five years ago me and my partners Felipe Gordon, Nicolas Saavedra, Felipe Gomez and Andres Tarquino went to Mexico for very first time. We were not only touring there, We were also getting inspired by our Mexican producer friends Mijo, Andre , Los Mekanikos, Bufi, Iñigo Vontier and among others. By that time they were running their own independent label called “Electrique Music”. They were putting out tons of unbelievable local music and they become a big reference of what was happening in the Latin America electronic scene. So when we went back to Bogotá, we decided to create “Nómada Records”.

Between global pandemic and social unrest, what is the atmosphere like for
artists in Colombia?

Something positive of this pandemic is that plenty of artists fell in love of their art and talent again and they started to create, to create and to create. By my side for example I did music as I never had done it as Joint4Nine, I started a B-side musical project called “Rush City” alongside my partner Jonahlo and We also
create a new independent label called “Rimo Terco”.

It’s great to see that here in Colombia producers such as Felipe Gordon, Junn, Adi, Deadwalkman, Duque and among other have been releasing music on different renowened labels.

Do you have anything coming up soon you would like to share?

I’ve been doing tons of music lately, I got more and less 30 new demos in hold and I hope to find a proper house for them. My forthcoming release will be out next May 28th on Russian Sengiley Recordings; a three track EP where deep house and acid house bump into. It will be out in digital and you can pre-order it now on bandcamp.

Tell us about your mix!

It’s been a long time without playing in front of a dancing crowd in a club or venue. This mix features music that I’ve been listening lately wondering if it would be the vibe I play it in a club (I really miss that feeling). This mix includes amazing music by heroes such as Omar S, Jon Dixon, Timeline, Ron Trent, Stefan Ringer, Africa
Bambaataa and Kyle Hall. I also played a forthcoming track of my b-side Project Rush City which will be out in June on Ritmo Terco, an unreleased track by me as Joint4Nine, and a forthcoming track by Martin Georgi which will be out on Nómada Records ahead.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Feu du Camp:

1. Ferdinand Domes - Gomme Arabique
2. Malouane - Akiwowo
3. Felix Leifur - Between Us
4. LB aka Labat - Shut Down the World for a Moment
5. 4004 - In the Mood
6. Meowsn' - Sorri Solz
7. Last Nubian - Cucurbita Pepo
8. King Mutapa - Tapes
9. Intr0beatz - Local Fryer
10. Immersif - Everytime
11. Retromigration - Early Pale
12. Felipe Gordon - Away


1.   Next Step 4wrd - Timeline (4EVR 4WRD)
2.   Sexual Obsession - Stefan Ringer (FWM Entertainment)
3.   Seduction - Ron Trent (Rush Hour)
4.   12:03 IN 303 - Jon Dixon (4EVR 4WRD)
5.   Red Giants - Irfan (Still Music)
6.   Mary St Mary (Jose Claussell Sacred Rhythm Mix) - Grand High Priest (MSM)
7.   Ultimate Damage - Gallegos (Holding Hands Records)
8.   TV Track - Marshall Applewhite (Yo' Sucka)
9.   Feel The Rush - Rush City x Handerk (Forthcoming On Ritmo Terco)
10.  Just Get Up And Dance (Doom Doom Mix) - Afrika Bambaataa (DFC)
11. Searchin' Hard feat. Martell (Mike Dunn's AC mix) - Da Posse (Dance Mania)
12. No One Can Stop Me (Rick Wilhite Mix) - Omar S
13. Memorey By Flyway (Tribute mix) - Kemetuic JustOne (People Of Earth)
14. Attack! - Kyle Hall (Forget The Clock)
15. Green Motor Damage feat. George John - Martin Georgi (Forthcoming On Nómada Records)
16. Now It's Over - Joint4Nine (Unreleased)