66. Cables

January 20, 2022


Cables, aka Kate Camacho, is a dear friend of Peace Portal, and a favorite selector amongst the growing PNW "renegade" party scene. Curating a hybridized selection of UKG, bass, techno, and electro, her sets are as light-hearted and quick-witted as they are undeniably groovy. This playful sense of attitude has earned Cables her place as the scene's beloved sassy sweetheart.

Peace Portal has kept close tabs on Cables, and it is with great pleasure that this feature is presented to you.

Over the last several years, the "renegade" party scene in the Pacific Northwest has proliferated into a community of likeminded artists all down the west coast. what is your perspective on the inspiration behind these parties, and what makes them special?

Music, friendship, freedom, self-expression, and celebration all come to mind when I think of the renegade scene. Renegades provide a place for people to connect with one another through dance; through ridiculousness; through performance and humor - I think there’s something special about a scene where there seems to be a place for anybody with an open mind; whether it’s on the dance floor with the music or by the fire with friends old and new. Or by the fire alone! I adore the community aspect of renegades but I’ve also had a lot of solo experiences at renegades. I’m grateful to have experiences with being personally challenged to feel comfortable dancing by myself for hours or being okay with feeling awkward; sitting in the corner, observing the scene. I think experiences like that can be a great opportunity to practice self-love. It can be uncomfortable to walk into a place where everyone’s being really weird, but it can be really, really fun to let yourself be just as weird, if that’s your thing. I certainly aspire to be someone brave enough to be that weird all the time, but for now, it feels really special that we get to have a place to go and act like strange adult children for a night or two.

Coming from this scene at large, as well as yourself, there is a particular blend of bass, house, techno, and more, that touches on the old and new schools of dance music. Describe the inspiration and intention of your eclectic selections.

Music has always been a form of escapism and release for me. I find myself drawn to anything that feels oddball and curious; anything that manages to break through the barrier of normality enough to release the undercurrent of magic that runs through reality. I want to soundscape hidden realms by bringing together scattered pieces of that energy - creating sonic space for people to shake and wiggle and play and listen and feel!

I come from a background of language, growing up an avid reader and lover of poetry and fantasy; so lyrics are usually the first thing I notice in a song. It’s funny to love a style of music that generally doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, but when I find a song whose samples contain some element of love, prayer, and emotion, I’m all over it! The last track in this mix, Nikki Nair’s “The Void”, is an example of something I heard and immediately needed to share: “the void / is full of love. Our love / is in the void. / You aren’t alone / inside the void / in the void, / we are together.” I mean… that’s just how a dance floor should feel!

I have experienced a lot of growth through dance, and being able to help others connect with their bodies is definitely an honor. It’s funny to think about all the memes that are like, “lol DJing is actually the stupidest job” - and I get it, I laugh at those, because it is kind of true, but at the same time - it’s really, really not. We are curating and sharing art made by people all around the world - so much time and care is put into crafting a song - so that’s already an important job: supporting and recognizing artists for their work. 

At face value, maybe it doesn’t feel that sacred to be blasting some ass-shaker track at a club, but when you think about it - if even one person in that room is having a moment where they’re maybe feeling themselves for the first time, feeling cute, gaining confidence; then sacred it is! If the song is a funny or nostalgic remix and it makes some friends look at one another and share laughter, then sacred it is. Movement and music. It heals yer shit. It feels so freeing to stop caring about what others think of you, to find your special move (even if that’s just standing in the corner listening! that’s a cool move too! look at u!) - it’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you’re listening to a Britney Spears remix wearing a neon leotard and a flamingo hat or something. Life can be so short. A great majority of the moments of true joy I’ve experienced in my life have been music-related, have been on the dance floor. I’ve worked through a lot of personal shit on the dance floor. I want others to experience that. 

On a more personal note, I’ve been particularly drawn to music coming out of South America, especially Mexico. I am half-Mexican, but grew up very removed from that side of my culture. As an adult trying to connect with something that I’ve been missing for so long, it makes me really happy to have and share this musical outlet. Listening to music in Spanish is fun for practicing, and the rhythms in genres like Reggaeton, Dembow, and Perreo move me like nothing else (I don’t think that’s just me though - it’s THE best music to dance to! The hottest music is made close 2 the sun) I would expect to hear a lot more of this from my mixes in the future.

"A great majority of the moments of true joy I’ve experienced in my life have been music-related, have been on the dance floor. I’ve worked through a lot of personal shit on the dance floor. I want others to experience that."

Including yourself, many of the selectors from the growing renegade scene have begun making their way into clubs in Bellingham, Seattle, and beyond. what is this generation of party-goers bringing to the table?

I think there’s a particular energy of silliness and genuine-ness that we can offer, as renegade selectors. I love that term; it’s new to me, but it feels much truer than “club DJ”. I’m sure this energy has always been there; but as a new generation of djs, it falls upon us to sustain it. I am specifically talking about a deep, true love for the music; and beyond that, the refusal to take yourself too seriously or be judgmental of other people and other “scenes”, trying to remain open-hearted and accepting. Parties should be a place where you can go and be your weirdest self, where your inner child can play; not somewhere where you’re worried about what others are doing - or thinking - or wearing - or whatever. Earnestness is cool now. Everything is cringe. Whatever!! Let’s dance!

As an artist of many mediums, can you tell us about the relationship your work with visual art and with textiles relates to your time behind the decks?

I don’t often consciously relate my visual, textile, and sonic art; but the inspiration for it all stems from the same place: wanting to pierce through the glimmering underbelly of reality into a dimension where everything is just a bit different! It’s all an attempt to connect with anything that provides an escape from, or the suggestion of, something *more* than the modern, mundane, 9-5, money-driven slog we’ve been forced to accept as our consensual reality. I’m in it and I’m doing my best but I do not care for it! Music and art? They make this world weirder, more colorful, and more creative. I care for THAT!

What would you like us to know about your mix?

There was a funny moment when recording this - I sometimes don’t get to know the songs in my playlists as well as I should, because I’m one of those people who has like 500 tabs open and then spends way too much money on Bandcamp and then doesn’t take the time to listen to every single song on every single compilation - but there’s this song, “Slow”, in the beginning of the mix, right? And then much later on, I played the song “Slow Prayer”, and had no idea that it was going to be a different version of the same song! I was super surprised; I love when that happens. (Upon further research I have learned that “Slow” is originally a song by queen Kylie Minogue, 10/10 banger, nice.) 

Also I have no idea who Siu Mata & Amor Satyr are, but I am obsessed with the sounds coming from them; they’ve made a few tracks together as “Sexapil”, if you like fast and crazy but also refined, check them out! 

Thank you so much to Forrest at Peace Portal, and to anyone who listens! I know there’s a lot of mellower segments in this mix - the advantage of a radio mix vs. a club set - but I do hope that if there’s a moment where someone feels called to dance, that they get up, clear some space, and really get into it. 

Most of the songs in this mix can be found on Bandcamp; if you hear something you like, you should buy it! Bandcamp is the streaming platform that gives the most money to the artists working so hard to give us our little dances. So thank you to them. If it’s not on Bandcamp, it’s on Soundcloud.

Ok thank you love you bye! <3


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Feu du Camp:

KRS Two - Into (Ray Mono Remix)
Charlie Banks - Later
Saudade - Sknob
Cajal - Housy Beat
Phreaks of Vision - Distant City
Mehlor - Wurk
Prodot - Changes (Monika Ross Remix)
Sweely - She Gave Me the Funk
Jake Flory - Rain
Accented Measures - Push 4 Change (DAT Italy Edit)
Mbius - Love is Cruel
Mitch Wellings - Plan B


Plumpy - Money feat. Hanna
Barrington Levy - She Give Me Love (Sinjin Hawke edit) 
La Goony Chonga - Tu Toque
Distantia - Austera
Cruel Noon - Slow (feat. Your Girl Pho)
J Balvin ft. Tokischa - Perra (D-RIKE Edit Extended)
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata - Nah
Ski Mask the Slump God - Faucet Failure
Florentino ft. Ms. Nina - 2 Late (Don’t Call)
BAE BAE - purge ft. Asphodéle
SnakeFoot - Cloud Chamber (feat. Stephanie Wilson) 
Lil B - Dreams (Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones edit) 
Jlin - Rabbit Hole
Daphne - anaconda
Tristan Arp - Slip
Ayesha - Infinite Space
BAE BAE - do you want me 
Plush Managements Inc. - Slow Prayer
Deadboy - Many Armed and Faceless
Blawan - Under Belly
Ardalan - Baba Cosmo
Paleman - Slither
Chris Lorenzo feat. Chynna - Bad Bitch
Haro - XOTA
Magugu - Pepper Dem
Bored Lord - Change Yr Life
Plush Managements Inc. - We Like to Party (DJ Chrysalis & Regfant)
El Alfa, CJ, El Cherry Scom - La Mama De La Mama
Bitter Babe x Nick Leon - SMS_229-305
La Japonesa - Tiguere Celoso & Tacaño NO (Siu Mata Edit)
Garridge - 1Drop
A.G - Lychee
Nikki Nair - The Void