87. Taylor Bratches

November 16, 2023


Welcome folks, to the 87th session of Peace Portal, broadcasting with Samewave Radio in Portland, and archived right here at home.

This episode is special for a few reasons. First of it is the 7th anniversary of Peace Portal, and I'll be breaking the format a bit with today's guest, sharing a recorded interview between her and I, followed by a mix inspired by our conversation.

I'm excited to be featuring Taylor Bratches on this session. I first became aware of Taylor through her Dance Floor Epiphanies series with Resident Advisor. I've followed Taylor's writing and DJing since, but we connected via social media regarding her concepts around Rave As Ritual, presented most notably at the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference this year.

The talk draws on her experience as a raver who has been able to tap into deeper channels of energy, leading her to a profession in energy work, and facilitating healing through psychedelics. We'll leave the more exciting details to Taylor though.

For more from Taylor follow her here:


SHIVARASA - Downstream
Saphileaum - Agate Entrance
Ome - Azul
Mala - Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)
Keplrr - Esoteric Functions (Syz Refunction)
Carré Tilted
Cameo Blush - Don't
Ayesha - Roll
Destrata - Desire Signal
Dj Durbin - Drems
Amor Satyr - Trust Me
Delay Grounds x Wordcolour - Crash Bash Party at BUFO's
Destrata - Mutationist
Visages - From Lead to Gold
q100 & PTF1987 - Underdog (ØZ remix)
Kwizma - Monster
Ebb & Ill Figs - C Beams
Onhell - Vandals
Ayesha - V7
dBridge - Ecstatic Madness
Paco Pack - Sip this Sample
Visages - Love Conspiration
Mala - Anti-War Dub