December 7, 2018


Ahead of the first anniversary of Bass Invasion on December 28th,  Nori stepped thru the Peace Portal with her signature blend of deep dubstep vibes. Queen of the Bass Invasion hive, Nori can be caught chillin' in the low-end, playing through a range of dark and sinister dubs, with hints of her west coast hip hop roots. Music isn't the only Nori is crafting either, keep your eyes peeled for fresh hand-made goods, and radical performance art in the PNW.

What have you been up to lately?

It's been a really busy last few months, with summer and tons of shows, so I've really been loving these slower, colder times for recharging and reflecting.  I've been continuing to throw Bass Invasion events with Zander Danskin (Cauliflowa), every last Friday of the month.  This month is Bass Invasion's one year anniversary!  So I'm really excited about that.  Other than that, I've been putting a lot of time and energy into my other projects, all while remaining balance between everything.

How and where did you record the mix?

I recorded my mix at home in my music studio -- I use a Tractor S4 and Traktor Pro.

Tell us about your mix!

My mix has a lot of deep, crunchy 140 tracks, keeping it pretty true to what I usually play out.  I did dip into some Jungle and Half-time in the middle of all the madness, though!  I had lots of fun recording it -- I've been working a lot lately and it was such a good hour of release.  Lots of these tracks make me think of different people in my life.  It's amazing how you can transcend time and space through music.

What're you up to next?

Aside from the one-year anniversary of Bass Invasion on December 28th, I'll be playing a set at MAYA Concept Co.'s Winter Solstice Event on December 22nd!  Stoked to continue shedding light to the darkness any chance I get.


Harmless Youth, Jonah Freed & Rider Shafique - Guns

Gisaza - Vampire

Substance - Lights Off

Abstrakt Sonance - Sit Down

Pushloop - Secret Society (Gloom Trench Remix)

Ivo - Militant

Beans - Sancus

Brightwing x Elemental Hero - The Sirens (Oudjat Remix)

Gnischrew - Fluting

Septa - Nasty (Kelly Dean Remix)

Kwizma - Kailo


Migos - Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi

TMSV - Modification

Sensi - Forbidden City


C-Side, Talabun MC - Last of Us

Warhead - Murderah

Terrence & Phillip - Strategy

Teej - Life Support

J:Kenzo ft Collinjah - Straight Defeat (Jubei remix)

Teej - Goldhead

Hadley - Talking

East Flatbush Project - Tried by 12 (Jonah Freed Remix)

Scarz - Freedom of the Spirit

JFO - Flute

Ego Death - Necronomicon

AxH - Untitled Dub 2012

Hebbe - Dubmedika

Teffi - Soundsystem

Leflaur - Substrada

Opus - Methodist

Ziplokk - Me Nah Play

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love (Shu & Catesby Remix)