92. Lite Drama

April 18, 2024


Adam Lucero, otherwise known as Lite Drama, is a DJ, community organizer, ceramicist, and in other respects as well, an artist.

Perhaps most recognized for their deep involvement with UwU Collective, one of Portland's premier queer-centered party crews, Adam has dedicated themselves to building a truly inclusive community around dance music.

A diverse selector, having shared the stage with the likes of Jex Opolis, Shanti Celeste, DJ Plead, and Davis Galvin, Adam's sets are unbound to genre by way of their expressive curation.

Thanks for being on the show Adam! I'm always interested to hear what connections lie between the different art forms folks engage in. Is there any link between ceramics and DJing for you?

I don’t know if they are linked, but I approach both practices in a similar way. I think about assembly and how a vision is really needed in both artforms. In ceramics, I envision the end piece and work backward, and I do the same with DJing. It really helps me to assemble the pieces, or tracks, to create the piece or experience I am looking for. The sum of the parts in both artforms really comes together and each one is so important.

Since you co-host the UwU Collective radio show on XRAY FM, I'm curious if there are differences in the way you curate a set for radio versus the dance floor?

I started DJing through radio, on Freeform Portland in 2016, and still have a bi-weekly show there called ‘Mixed Feelings’ as well. When selecting for the radio I can be more experimental, and really lean into what I am listening to or interested in at the moment. It feels a bit more boundaryless. For the dance floor, I think about the vibe of the party, what people might be seeking, and adjust while playing a bit. Both approaches are fairly conceptual, but with radio it’s more inward focused, while playing out is more of an exchange. That definitely impacts what I play. 

Can you share more about your involvement with UwU?

UwU is an open-ended, collaborative exploration in creating spaces to empower and nourish each other through music, art, and friendship. I love that it is such a collective effort with the crew and collaborators. It’s something that we care about deeply and I am thankful I have the capacity, with time and ability, to be very involved. We all do a little bit of everything when we’re putting something together as we’re very much a DIY crew. It’s really helped me learn and grow as an organizer and a DJ. Through my involvement I’ve learned so much about artist relations, sound set up, grant writing, DJing, event production, communication, the never ending frustration of Mailchimp! So many skills I’ve been able to learn and navigate with my friends, it’s truly so special. 

As an organizer, what's a favorite or impactful experience you've had?

For me, it is so much about creating space for “us.” That motivates me to organize and continue to throw events. I think about the connections that people make and the experiences that people have – the memories that people leave with. After the music stopped at our UwU rave in November, someone shared that it was the first rave they ever attended, and they danced all night long! At a recent UwUtopia at Back 2 Earth, some folks shared that they were visiting from Idaho and were so excited to be dancing and having fun with their traveling queer family members, because they don’t get that opportunity very often at home. Creating spaces for joy and happiness though music and self-expression is such a treasure. 

Having spent a lot of time intentionally building community around dance music, I'm curious to get your take on the state of the scene.

I think the scene is really exciting right now. There’s a lot of DJs, organizers, crews, and parties – and a much more diverse offering than I can ever remember. I love seeing learning opportunities for new DJs and accessible ways for people to get involved. New things seem to be popping up, parties are well attended, and it seems like we are in a good moment, locally, for the scene. I think there is a lot of room for community building – while there is a lot happening, it also feels very siloed. I would love to see more collaboration, mutual support, resource and skill sharing.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I appreciate all the time and labor you put into promoting local events, sharing releases from local producers, and creating opportunities for DJs to share music. Those aspects of community building are really important. THANK YOU!

For this mix, I wanted to lean into my love of proggy house and techno, with some rave sprinkled in. There is so much coming out constantly, and I have a fondness for the European and Australian sound. You’ll find a lot of that in this hour. I also included a track from my best friend and radio co-host, Plaintiff. Hope this is a high energy boost to align with the season.

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Lite Drama:

JUAN POWER - I Touched The Void    
Priori - Weight
Plaintiff - Based
Younger Than Me - The Early Sound Of Nothing (Maruwa Remix)
AK-ONE - Scenic Route (Remotif Rework)
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Floating Gutters
Spray - Q3projz
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Capsule Drought
Remotif - You Create The Light
X-Coast - Get Down  
Trax Unit - Codex
Maara - Can't Slo Down
LUXE - A83
Human Space Machine - Mopo
LT - Step Off (Acumen Dub)

Feu du Camp:

LOIF - Stealth
Moisk - It's a Miracle
Ayesha - Tactilia
Carré - Soft Fascination (Priori's Mechanical Dub)
LUXE - Lucky Star
Zara - Fragments
Sepehr - Liquid Cobalt
The Business - Droideka (HR's Swamp Fever)
Kasra V - Vesper
Adam Pits - TipToe (Konduku Remix)
Sam Brickel - Ansible
D. Tiffany - Ghost Filter
Roza Terenzi & Hame DJ - Steam Baby
Maara - Oh, I Remember...