Cat Passidy

June 21, 2019


On the decks the Cat's soul purrpouse is to express his energy by mixing a selection of diverse yet similar sounds. This tends to make people move, dance, play, sweat, and feel real nice. The intent behind this expression is to bring people to life, catalyze connection, unity and inspiration to the good people who find themselves present.

What have you been up to?

Choppin wood, expanding my studio, selling CBD, laundry, fixing my computer, making new music, staying up all night, breaking my heart, traveling through space, flying, dancing, sleeping, meditation, yoga, exercise, using the bathroom, acro-yoga, making new music, workin’ out, getting that bread, listening to “tiny beautiful things,” listening to cool music, sunshine, camping at baker lake, braking my car, being stuck in the wilderness with no reception, chillin’, rediscovering someone special, eating lots of food, fixing my computer.

Tell us a bit about your mix!

I will be taking you through some music that has proven powerfully moving for me this past month. The mix will go from up uplifting synthy funk, to groovy disco and thicc bass lines, to reflective rhythms for your heart. It’s house music with some extra focus on the funk and soul. There’s also an unreleased track I’ve been working on in there as well that has really been lighting up the dance floor at my live shows lately.

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

In my bed, on my floor, on my bike, in the sauna, at the gym, in the kitchen, at aero yoga club, at a potluck, at a music event, behind my computer, in my home studio, in the slumber party dungeon, at my moms house, at a festival, in the sun.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

Dope music that I might put in a mix, pleasant music that makes me feel great, podcasts, the sound of the wind, a good DJ, silence, other things that sound good.

What are you up to next?

Gotta hit the sack here pretty soon but tomorrow I will be back in the bathroom, backyard, kitchen and on the bike for sure. Gonna fix my computer tomorrow again so I can finish some really dope songs I’ve  been working on. I’m also gearing up to help my friend Summer throw another great restival at the Lookout Arts Quarry at the end of July called Flow State Campout, and then throwing a renegade river party at Meltdown on Saturday. Dolphinatley find yourself present for these things.

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  • Inspector Norse - Todd Terje
  • Make Some Sense - Wajatta
  • I Don’t Have A Drum Machine - Yuksek
  • Never Miss The Water - Chaka Khan feat. Me’Shell Ndegeocello
  • Transpose - Lux Groove
  • Coffee Daddy (Ben Sterling Remix) - System 2
  • Woke (Jamie Jones Remix) - Tiga
  • Exclusion - Shiba San
  • Bout That - Ghostea & Lux Groove
  • Gold Teeth - Redlight
  • I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix) - Kerri Chandler
  • Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix) - Noosa Heads, Marshall Jefferson
  • Real Blues(Malachi Edit) - St. Germain
  • Can’t Keep You Down - Gene Farris
  • Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix) - Dido
  • ID - Cat Passidy