Feu du Camp

September 17, 2020


For the 52nd installment of the show, I've gone and conjured the Portal myself with elements of techno, breakbeat, and half time tracks both hard-hitting and melodic for a journey to the otherside.Without a featured artist to interview this month, I've decided that in addition to the full tracklist, I'd share a few words on the tracks that shaped this mix. I'm excited to dive deeper into the artists who influenced me, and shine a light on the incredible sound designs coming from different corners of the world. That being said, step through the Portal next month from an exclusive mix from Seattle's Tollefson.

Angel D'Lite - Dance Like A Dolphin (Jay Remix)

Although I opted for a remix off of Angel D'Lite's Dolphins Have Sex for Pleasure EP, the entire release pushes high energy waves of sound, fully submerging listeners in tidal beats and foaming chords. Making a name for herself through "J'adore Hardcore" on Netil Radio, and her sets at London's club night Big Dyke Energy, Angel D'Lite brings a nostalgically fresh take to any dancefloor graced with her presence, or that of her productions.

Escaflowne - Drum Computations


Recently featured on Haus of Altr's self-titled compilation series, Escaflowne seamlessly holds down weightless lo-fi harmonics with concrete, textural percussion. Hailing from Brooklyn, Escaflowne's style is raw and lifelike, yet industriously designed to create a flow so heavy that rush hour traffic seems light by comparison.

Karima F - Bacon Shoulders

Karima F is a Norwegian-Algergian DJ/Producer currently holding residence at Jaeger Oslo, and operating Schloss Records, a label and artist-owned gallery which inhabits a rundown Porsche shop in Oslo. Bacon Shoulders is melting with grooving heat, but not so hot that it burns you as the low-end grease runs down your shoulders. Rather, it soaks organically into your skin, causing you to curl like a thick slice, ready to dissolve revitalizing digestion.

Martyn Bootyspoon - Tom Tom Club (AceMo's Underwater Mix)

AceMo's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

The prolific output of AceMo is unparalleled. Head of lifestyle record label HAUS of ALTR, AceMo is at the top of the United States' dance music scene, producing and influencing an aggressively boundary-crossing generation of music. With his remix of Tom Tom Club, Ace drowns Martyn Bootyspoon's ghetto footwork in blissed-out lysergic liquid, evaporating the track into an uplifting haze of undulating steam.

Floral Resources - Oil Panic

TS00000? | Floral Resources | Tech Startup

Programming components from all corners of techno's global database, the technicians behind Seattle's Tech Startup have developed a singularly intelligent application to the concept of dance music. With TS00000?, Human Resources and My Flower advance the technological capabilities to include simulations of extra-terrestrial jungle environments, where the avatars of living things sway in perpetual motion.

Eve Defy - Making Music

Rather than dwelling at street level, Seattle's Apt. E Records remains below the ground, with each of their releases encouraging an increasingly creative approach to dance music in the PNW, bringing elements of jungle, footwork, drum and bass, and electro to a developing dance music scene. Eve Defy's Making Music lays swelling, spatial harmonics at home over punctuated broken beats directly on a comfortably layered musical bed.


  • Jon Watts - AMB 5
  • A Psychic Yes - 12059
  • Flørist - Sail
  • Yushh - Always, Always, Never On Time
  • Priori - Tech Ne (Beta Librae Remix)
  • Teo Mattress - Fairfield (Speedin' Mix)
  • Martinou - Guide Pattern
  • Ronan - Tracheal Impulse
  • Outsider - Third Rail
  • Awo Oijiji - Swarm Align
  • Fede Lng - Flight Mode
  • Reedale Rise - Translucent
  • Tala Drum Corps - Modernity (Poisoned)
  • DJ Stingray - eRbB4 (kon001 Remix)
  • Long Island Sound - Broken Signals
  • Sleep D - Central
  • Floral Resources - Oil Panic
  • Chekov - First Thought
  • Angel D'Lite - Dance Like A Dolphin (JAY Remix)
  • Martyn Bootyspoon - Tom Tom Club (AceMo's Underwater Acid Mix)
  • Karima F - Bacon Shoulders
  • Sputnik One - Kerosene
  • Ronan - Surface Dive
  • Lux Nova - Tower of Hanoi
  • Aloka - Enigma
  • Priori - RED 2
  • Escaflowne - Drum Computation
  • Eve Defy - Making Music
  • LUZ1E - Explorations of the Mind
  • Toma Kami - X Files
  • Stenny - Whyrl
  • Konrad Wehrmeister - GeigerCounter