62. Denis Kazakov

August 19, 2021

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To wrap up our summer of globetrotting house music mixes, we open the Portal once again to feature another talented Russian selector.

Denis has spent the last four years exploring music as a prolific DJ based in the Russian Federation. Knowing few bounds, but always maintaining a keen sense of groove, Denis's mixes are diverse and genre bending. That inclusive taste in music has carried over into his record label Sengiley Recordings as well.

Over the last year and a half, Denis has overseen a consistent catalog of releases from a global community of musicians producing the entire spectrum of house music; from acidic hardware workouts, to sampladelic jazz-inspired pieces, and so much more in between.

As always, we took a moment to catch up with Denis, and get the inside scoop on Sengiley Recordings:

Where does your wide range of music selections come from?

If we're talking about the label, it's a long experience as a listener and selector. As for the label, I already knew who I had my eyes on. Also, sometimes beginners and, in my opinion, future bright producers and musicians write to me.

How did you come to begin Sengiley Recordings?

I started throwing parties in 2018 with local musicians as well as bringing in foreign artists, such as Igor Gonya (Sundries / Lisztomania / See Saw) when we were on tour in Russia. The idea came to mind and after returning to St. Petersburg, and in February 2020 it was launched.

The Sengiley roster features musicians from all over the world. How did you create new connections with the world in lockdown?

Today there is social networking and in my opinion it simplifies communication, we keep in touch with many guys who came out on the label through Instagram and Facebook.

The future is here and now!

Sengiley also began releasing vinyl compilations in 2021. What separates the vinyl releases from the digital catalog?

Yes, the first vinyl release was delayed because of the lockdown.

I plan to release a series on vinyl - the first is with an emphasis on Broken Beat, Jazzy House and Deep House, the second with House, Deep House, Minimal Deep Tech, as well as a broken style from UKG to Breaks.

On our vinyl releases, as you noticed already, are mostly quite serious musicians who have a number of vinyl releases under their belt. Although on my digital releases I also have seriously talented guys as well!

What does the reopening world hold for Sengiley?

Russian vinyl series, where I will support cool guys as much as possible, both friends and new guys. Also, in the fall it is expected we will open a sub label (also with vinyl. cassettes and digital).

There will be Jazzy, Disco Edits, Deep House, Lo-Fi Hip Hop and a lot of cool releases.

For more from Denis, visit him at:




Feu du Camp track list:

Clive from Accounts - Gravitate
Craftsmanship -Mary's Theme
Retromigration - Bloom Street
Diamond - Rough Cream
Felipe Gordon - (To) Get My Shit Together
Carlo, a Baloo - If You Want (Dream Version)
Maniqin - Slide 6
Intr0beatz - Duh Duh Duh
Sondrio - 3D
Christian Arno - Night Drive
Makèz - Roselane (feat. Fouk)
Jesusdapnk - Back to Humanity
Craftsmanship - Side of Tears
Sondrio - Tokyo Duel
Carlo - Humble Pie

Denis Kazakov track list:

DJ MERCI - Salerno Market
DJ MERCI - Deep Deep Deep (Sengiley Recordings)
Jacssen - How Do I Feel (Sengiley Recordings)
Fabio Monesi - Get Up
Rick Wade - Forgotten Track
DJ Soch - Peter Pan
Hill feat Barbara - Fantasia
HATT.D - Feel Good
Black Loops - Unity
Djoko - Morning Wonders 
Marc Brauner - Out Of Time