August 2, 2019


Xander is a light-hearted creative who values intentional connections with others and creating spaces where such connections can materialize. He is passionate about movement and has been empowered by exploring various movement modalities and finding new space and liberation in his body through movement. He deeply values a strong connection with his body and hopes to share what he has been able to unlock in himself through movement with others. Getting lost in movement on the dancefloor that helps him be in touch with his body has inspired him to create similar experiences through his own selections as a DJ so that others can get in touch with themselves and fuse the healing power of music with movement.

What have you been up to?

I’ve been enjoying life here in Bellingham & spending a lot of time with my community, immersed in a lifestyle that has made me feel like I have a place where I belong and can be myself. My main focus lately has been functional movement training. I’ve fallen in love with steel mace and have noticed a huge improvement in my awareness of my nervous system and biomechanics ever since I began training with it. It’s been really great to get back in touch with my inner warrior.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

This mix is my interpretation of storytelling and bringing the audience an underground deep house experience. It’s heavily influenced by live sets from Burning Man, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, The Gardens of Babylon, & various other collectives from around the globe focused on underground deep house. I start with dreamy, melancholic grooves before moving into more mysterious, organic, multicultural sounds that transport you deeper into an emotive journey before ending with melodic, dance floor driven selections that leave you in a state of bliss.

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

In a studio or out in nature practicing various movement modalities, dancing to another DJ, or holding space with friends & enjoying good food, books, and deep talks.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

I’m really into lo-fi hip-hop, trip hop, & mushroom jazz. I’m also a huge fan of rock, especially psych rock, grunge, 80s goth & punk, and alternative. Pop is a guilty pleasure as well!

What are you up to next?

I’m heading to Barcelona for the fall where I’ll be doing an internship for elective credit. The internship is the last thing I need to graduate with my BA in Business and Sustainability. After that, I’d like to come back to Bellingham and keep focusing on creating intentional spaces for our wonderful community.


  • Skyward - VANDER (DR), Lev Tatarov [Klassified]
  • Cyclone - Modd [Where The Heart Is]
  • Sayida - The Soul Brothers [Talavera Records]
  • One of Many - Timboletti [NCTRNL]
  • Naked Soul (Zone+ & Usif Remix) - [Magician on Duty]
  • Microbioma (Original Mix) - Gab Rhome, Mark Alow [Bar 25 Music]
  • Ukaru (Sound Shapes Remix) - Avikal, Manipolato [Shamana Records]
  • Hearthstone (Original Mix) - Hrag Mikkel, MEG (LB) [NCTRNL]
  • Dear Ishiv - TÂCHES [Glitter Cowboy]
  • Mount Fuji & Romance Federation - Gab Rhome [Kindisch]
  • Elongi feat. Junior (Original Mix) - Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, JUNIORAKWETY [All Day I Dream]
  • Painted Walls (Original Mix) - Behrouz, Squire [Do Not Sit on the Furniture Recordings]