Lotus Drops

April 5, 2019


Over the last decade Anastasia aka Lotus Drops has been coining the phrase “Goddess Womp”. She delivers the best UK Dubstep culture and blends it with over the top jump up beats. During her busy DJ career she has been generating waves throughout the West Coast and beyond. Landing performances at some of the region’s most renowned music festivals. When she’s not in the studio producing; she’s out there orchestrating events in order to empower local DJ’s and the dance community. As a staple in the Underground Electronic Music scene, Lotus Drops has been known to transport her audience to another dimension- resulting in her die-hard fans begging for more.

What have you been up to?

Getting settled into the Olympia area and producing more music for the people. Been also producing Sound Healing events over the last year.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

Most of my fans know that I’m a die-hard Dubstep head! So this mix is considered a “Jump Up and Grind” mix. Its jam packed full of Heavy hitters with all my favorite Trappy beats to make you wanna freak! Great for work-outs, getting ready for the club or flexxin dem car speakers.

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

Thinking about being behind the decks! Hahaha, I’m a full time mother so I’m always chasing down my lil sound boi in training. Or cooking dank food in the kitchen.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

I listen to tons of Jazzy Downtempo like dZihan & Kamien or Nightmares on Wax. Also Sound healing for specific Chakras are my jams these days. But sometimes I’ll just dig into Uk Dubstep and allow bass to saturate my life.

What are you up to next?

You should be hearing some Original tunes coming from me this year. I’ll be playing around with live guitar samples and vocals! Really excited about this next wave. Also be on the look out for Deeper Discussions. I will be interviewing some our favorite Bassheads and artists from around the world!


  • “Off We Go” – Fr33m4n
  • “Haunted Harmonics” – Thelem
  • “Magneto (Feel it)”- J:KENZO
  • “Awesome” Fr33m4n
  • “Stay Trill”- Stinkahbell
  • “Grey Skies”- Ohmtrix
  • “LFO” - Kito, Reija Lee
  • “Pyramids”- Youngsta, Seven
  • “Roll out” feat. Frisco- LX ONE
  • “Reflect”- LX ONE
  • “Whisper”- Stinkahbell
  • “Money Me say” (Noah D Rmx)- Lion Dub, Jahdan, Metric Man
  • “Do you have the Chime?”- Kyrist
  • “What You talkin’ about?!” – Redlight feat. Ms. Dynamite
  • “Bangbadem” –Seven
  • “Don’t give a F____”- Stinkahbell
  • “Nuke a Soundbwoy”- General Degree, Lost City, Don Goliath
  • “Tipsy” ENiGMA Dubz
  • “Smack my Bitch up” (Major Lazor RMX)- The Prodigy (R.I.P Keith Flint)