67. Jasper Sala

February 17, 2022


Berlin is a city of many sounds and identities. A young, thriving generation of creatives are overseeing a diverse artistic output, building upon the city's rich culture. In many musical sub-communities of Berlin, influence and innovation are working hand-in-hand to create new music that is expanding upon the frameworks built by the past. Among the most intriguing products of this relationship between inspiration and expression is the fusion of electronic music with jazz.

Jasper Sala's Get Together Collective has stood neatly at that corner since its first release in May of 2019. Featuring a distinctive yet diverse array of talent, and a community-mindedness amongst their artists, events, and radio show, Get Together has proceeded to expand its musical scope with each outing.

Jasper stands behind the Collective with his own fine tuned selection of funk and jazz tinged grooves that are unafraid of the classic house music feel. After weathering the storm of the world in pandemic as a small organization, Jasper and Get Together now stand behind the critically-acclaimed year-end release from Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Prayer for Peace.


Tell us about the inception of Get Together Collective.

Get Together started because I saw how many great talent there is in Berlin but somehow all these creators where somewhat isolated in their own studios and workspaces. They struggled somewhat to get out there and lacked a marketing and business background, something I did have - but most of all - they lacked a collective; a place where they could exchange creativity and a place where they could become something bigger than just themselves.

From my apartment I started multiple jam and studio sessions as well as house parties. From these gatherings Get Together was born and I was lucky to create a place and platform for amazing talent such as MantraFunk, Imaginary Friend, Donnie Moustaki, Cody Currie, Joel Holmes, Ferdinand Domes as well as international collabs with Felipe Gordon, Shy Time and Scissorwork. I also lived together with many artists in the apartment for example with Cody and we were always throwing sessions in the Jazz basement, the studio basement we had in the apartment. I miss those times where life was so free and uncomplicated...

From the collaborative efforts on the upcoming Z.F.E.X. record, to events dedicated to up and coming artists in Berlin, there is a distinct relationship amongst those behind Get Together. Can you talk about this community-mindedness?

ZFEX and 30/70 were part of my music collection already for a while, when I heard Ziggy moved to Berlin and was throwing a party I went over and met the man behind ZFEX. We had an instant click and I invited ZFEX for our night at Badehaus. That night was pretty wild, we had Felipe, Cody, Henry Wu on the decks, an extra room for local DJ talent and ZFEX, Joel Holmes, Imaginary Friend performing live. This is where the puzzle felt in place and we signed ZFEX just a week after.

What started out as a dance music label with the first three releases, turned experimental with releases from Ferdinand Domes and Wolffriend, has expanded to include beautiful songwriting and composition with Riah Knight, and now jazz-influenced instrumental dance music. What is the unifying theme for you when curating Get Together releases?

Yeah our curation is a big lovely mess. I dont know any label that dares to drop such different styles on consecutive releases and especially being as young as we are. But this is exactly what Get Together is about, bringing together all styles and creators. Our curation is based on the artist, their personality fit with the collective and the authenticity of their project and craft. That's pretty much it. In my opinion too many labels are about marketing and think inside the box and define themselves with a genre or style. We threw away the box and are free to release whatever we want, we are not here to please our followers, we are here to challenge you and widen your musical scope.

Do you have a favorite release on the label?

For me all the releases have a special place in my heart. All releases are made by people that are close to me, I care for and I know how pure their artistic intentions are. Every release creates a new part of our ever evolving identity; they are all my favorites and I dived so deep into each one that they still put me in a state of trance and give me goosebumps.

The pandemic was particularly difficult on small and independent organizations and creatives. Can you speak to your experience during the pandemic with Get Together?

Don't get me started. This pandemic gets way too much attention. There are a lot of serious problems in this world and we should care about each one and not focus just on one. Policymakers are making things worse with their "solutions", yet here we are; 2 years in, the virus is still here and complete industries are collapsing and we have hundreds of millions, if not billions more people in extreme poverty and hunger. I am all for a healthy planet and beating this virus together but I do not support destructive and undemocratic policies.

Aside from the label, what is keeping you busy personally?

I'm making music again; I have jazz release coming out with Joel Holmes on Kryptox, I'm working with my girlfriend Aloo From Rome on a house EP as well as her solo EP. Furthermore I am working on an events app called Dash Social where people can organize and find public and private get togethers in their city. Its important we find each other in real life and stay true to our true human nature; verbal and non verbal communication, touching, kissing, hugging, creating - true togetherness can never be replaced by a "metaverse". Let's keep it real and not drift off further from who we really are.

What went in to your selections for the mix?

I knew you were into house and techno so I dug up some of my unreleased techno and electro tunes for you... I also dropped some unreleased tunes of artists in the collective as well as some favorites from the collection. I approached the mix a bit like club set and I always drop a message and a joke in there as well... ;)


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Feu du Camp:

Bernard - Adjust and Proceed
Toman - Una Y Nada
DJ Pipe - Mini Abstract
Hoodrats -Tha Whack Messiah
Miles Mercer - Astralogic
Liquid Earth -Scope Zone
Youandewan - Thyme Capsules
Huerta - C & T
Tiago Walker - Take Me I'm Yours
Paolo Macri - Acid Tune
Michael James - Signal Issues
Djoko - My Crib (Sidney Charles Remix)
Guy Contact - Euphoria Simulator
Mitch Wellings - Playing Our Game

Jasper Sala:

Chaos In The CBD - Trust Is Key
Oma Nata - Alone Together
Tuff Vibes - Hold On
Mall Grab - Ahmad
Banker - Not A Disco Record
Local Artist - Feelings
Cody Currie & Woody - Untitled (Unreleased)
Ferdinand Domes - Easy PC (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Sambal (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Acid Fowa (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Techno Mask (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Ma Nation (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Michael Jordan (Unreleased)
Jasper Sala - Jazz Imperial (Unreleased)