November 22, 2019


Originally bred in a metal environment on bands like Slayer, Death, and Cannibal Corpse Yama found his way to electronic music through Digital Mystikz "Haunted" and The Prodigy's "Firestarter". Yama draws heavy influence from the likes of Burial, DJ Screw, and Akira Yamaoka to create dark, emotive soundscapes ranging from airy ambient wave to chopped and aggressive trap beats. In 2018 Yama launched the independent label/monthly music event Human Error// to push the underdogs in the darker side of underground electronic music.

What have you been up to?

I’ve been fronting a label/event crew called Human Error// that focuses on showcasing music from up and coming artists. We’ve hosted events in Seattle over the past year featuring Wave staples like Brothel, Sweeep, Yedgar, etc. and will be expanding to Portland in 2020. In terms of my own specific stuff I’ve been working on an album called K9UNIT that I'm shooting to drop in spring.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

I wanted to really flex my genre versatility so I decided to just bounce around a lot of my favorite tracks from the past few years

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

I work for a firm that helps develop websites for businesses but I still spend a large portion of my time either working on my own music or running Human Error// business such as release scheduling or discussing future shows.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

I spend at least 2-3 hours a day cratedigging for new tracks to play out on Soundcloud but when I need a break from electronic stuff I always go back to my metal roots. I listen to a lot of Death, Carnifex, Slayer, and Primitive Man.

What are you up to next?

I’m putting the final touches on my Portals EP dropping in January through Sekai Collective and then from there I’m starting work on my first album I’ll be calling “K9UNIT”.I also have a few shows I’ll be ending the year with:

11/23 at No Fun Bar  in PDX with Mirin Doja, Aria Bare, Lantern Lit & Bauk

11/29 at Timbre Room in Seattle with Brothel, Eevee, and Stonemist

12/4 at Kremwerk with Barnacle Boi, Essex, Resonata, Wrcktngl, & Catslash

Also on December 5th Human Error// will be hosting our last show of the year at Substation Seattle featuring Shxde, LXRY, Stonemist, Kludde, Tigereyes, & Casual Death.

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