The Inturn

September 27, 2019


The Inturn facilitates the Funk… and occasionally a photo-copy. Upper management accidently left the mailroom unlocked, so anticipate a sharp decline in employee productivity. Those office chairs are going to be empty. His combination of bouncy underground beats, throw-back vocals and futuristic synths will leave you thirsting for more; expect long lines at the water cooler. Since being hired, he has been putting in those overtime hours which is evident by the diversity of songs he consistently brings to his sets… maybe he should of spent more time on those annual reports. Even though he is fresh to the Bellingham scene, he is slowly building traction in the breakroom. We advise not to take a sick day this Friday (9-27) because everyone is getting a raise. Please inform the Inturn how you take your coffee…

What have you been up to?

Started running the Inturnship last January as an opportunity to showcase my friends and provide something for the music community that I loved. Right around that time I also started mixing. Linden Nolen (Squanch) actually convinced me to start spinning, even though I protested and was pretty adamant that my style was too weird to ever vibe in a club setting. Matcha and I just finished up a solid summer that were filled with bookings that we are still trying repay the favor. Playing at venues such as: Swine house, Kombucha Town and soon the Wild Buffalo. Our fondest memory of this summer was playing at Bacon Point during Summer Meltdown. Not only was it a beautiful day, but I was surrounded by all my friends. It was picture purrrfect. I am extremely blessed to call Bellingham my home. Just released mixes for Jaderade and NPYBOY. About to start a talk show called: Wooks Doing Tings! Next month we have a Sub 49 Showcase. 4 mixes dropping over the month of October. It’s gonna be HAWT!

Tell us a bit about the mix!

The mix is a little bit of a combination of everything I love. Hip-hop, minimal house, house, g-house, tech-house, small bits of techno. I missed my chance to drop some of my other favorite genres… but next time. I really wanted to showcase my ability to play multiple genres and tempos; really been working on being patient with transitions. It’s easy to just start flippin’ nobs like a mad man. I think this mix is perfect for a Sunday morning drive or a Friday night rager. Basically, this is my take on the modern day disco. Meshing new age sounds with old-school vocals. Disco never died, it was just reborn.

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

Some of my friends refer to me as Speed Racer since I am running around at 100 mph throughout the entire day. During the day I am on the forefront of cannabis testing. I am the guy that is quantifying the residual solvents in your Hash-oil and analyzing your flowers terpene profile. But when I am not wearing the lab coat, I am block printing, playing outside in the dirt or learning a new skill. I also love to cook. Been making some bombass kimchi lately. I also spend a good amount of time chillin’ with my Cat, Matcha. We are constantly plotting how to take over the world. But who is the pinky and the brain in this scenario…?

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

I pretty much listen to everything. I tend to dive into lots of bass and DNB when I am not focusing on my own mixes. I also have a soft spot for hip-hop, it’s what I grew up on and I doubt I will ever shake it. My thought is… every genre has its own time and place!

What are you up to next?

Wild Buffalo Show: 10-26-2019 With Skii Tour

Sub 49 Collective Inturnship Drop

First Inturnship Event!

Bi-weekly Mix Series starting on KZAX called Disco Snacks

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  • Fly Magnetic (SLY Edit) – Guru
  • Ain’t No Superstitious (Basement Freaks Bass Edit)
  • Flamingo (Beatvandals Remix) - Alexander Norman
  • Last Call – Anoraak
  • You Must Try – Dirtyelements &Drunkdrivers
  • Some Might Work – Kuriose Naturale
  • When I’m Alone (JKriv & Peter Matson Remix) – Adeline
  • Soy Bonita (Delacour Remix) – French Horn Rebellion & Mary Chin
  • John’s Church (Cassius Remix) – Oliver Dollar feat. Nils Ohrmann
  • Say my Name (Bassline Shizzle Extended Mix) – Ben Delay & Alexandra Prince
  • Walk on Water – Earth n Days (Remix)This, That – Wax Worx
  • Waya Know – Kideko
  • One Mind – Millok, New5ense
  • Doin’ My Thing (Ricardo Voliobe Remix) – Born I Music, PEZNT
  • Hip Hop (Will Clark Remix) – Dead Prez
  • You’re the One – Lee Wilson, House Arrest NYC
  • Vertigo (Yuksek Remix) – Jkriv, Adeline Michele