88. EMUH

December 21, 2023


As the Portal cycles, it's always a pleasure when things are brought full circle. Entering the 8th year of stepping through with the 88th session this month, the first ever featured guest rejoins us to share a slice of the body of work they've created since their last appearance.

EMUH is produced and performed by audio engineer Alexander Hume. As Hume Audio, they have established themself as an asset here on the West Coast through high quality mixing, mastering, and production services & teaching. Hume's touch can be found on Space Yacht, Insomniac Recordings, mau5trap, and Universal Music Group - but always finds time as well for ensuring friends like ZOF, Karl Alvar, and Longstocking sound as HiFi as anyone else.

With the release of a new EP of their own this month on Feral One Records, Hume demonstrates a polymathic understanding of music creation - and how, when all the pieces are put together with intent, expression lies between each beat.

Tell us about the concept and process behind your new EP.

'Dial Tones' is a poetic exploration of the current state of dance music and society, contextualized in 4 distinct tracks that defy the boundaries of genre. Some came about quickly while others I've worked on for several years. I try not to rush things. Instead I let the music guide me and sometimes an older project will reveal a new side to itself much later. I used my Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 and voice on every track, but other than that the processes varied a lot!

Dial Tones byEMUH, forthcoming on Feral One Records

How about your recent release, 'Dysmorphia'? Was there anything behind the production that was particularly different on your end?

"Dysmorphia" is a culmination of countless creative decisions, late-night sessions, and a deep exploration of thematic intricacies. The conceptualization journey led to the crystallization of distorted realities and emotions through vibrant dance music. Crafting each track felt like weaving a narrative, carefully selecting words and sounds that resonate with the album's overarching theme. The tracklist planning became a meticulous art, ensuring a seamless flow that takes the listener on a captivating journey through rhythmic landscapes. The album is not just a collection of songs but a sonic experience, a testament to the creative process and the journey of self-discovery embedded in every song.

Obviously a lot goes into building your own business and brand. Can you talk about your experience with growing Hume Audio?

It's been a long, difficult, and rewarding process. I started by mostly working on my friends' music, eventually moving onto working with brands, companies, and labels. I'm extremely fortunate to primarily work through referrals and I've made a lot of great long-term connections over the years running my business. The trajectory is amazing but there are new challenges every day. Starting my social media content earlier this year has been difficult but I've learned a lot and I'm so excited to continue educating and sharing my passion for audio with the world.

Is there a certain part of the production and mastering processes that you enjoy, or are passionate about in particular?

Vibe, melodies, and chords have always been a huge part of my production process. With mastering I'm all about translation and elevating audio as much as possible. I love finishing projects and I'm unafraid of forward momentum.

Photo credit: Max Benedict

Having had hands on so much music over the last several years, I wonder what observations you've made of the sounds people are putting out? Have there been noticeable changes in production trends? Is there anything that's become standard practice that the average listener wouldn't be aware of?

There's a lot of people emulating instead of forging their own path. My clients are proud to be unique and it's one of the most inspiring parts of my job. It's all about mirroring one's soul in my opinion, many lose sight of that. Not to say there aren't a ton of people doing their own thing as well! It's important to remember there are no shortcuts in music.

To talk about mastering and music at large: Music and mastering are definitely getting louder! Contrary to a lot of what's said online, I think the technology available can allow increased thickness and impact, without impacting the audio in the stereotypical negative ways that a lot of people think of when it comes to specifically compression. Songs are also getting shorter. Personally I love a good short song, but I also love when an artist can craft a longer composition and keep the listener engaged throughout.

In a recent conversation, you and I were talking about engaging with the dancefloor more intentionally, and particularly appreciating spaces that were curated with that in mind. Can you share some of your thoughts about that here?

When I go to shows, I see so many folks checking their notifications on social media. We need to facilitate positive communal environments for all people & dance music... It's about dance and togetherness! Taking a video or picture to help promote or share is great, but the dancers and smiles need to be front and center, that's what this is all about. As a queer person I also think it's extremely important for everybody to feel welcome and safe. Admission also needs to be affordable as well as there needs to be food at the club or nearby (as a perpetually hungry person).

Congrats again on the release this month, and thank you for contributing to the show again! Anything else you have coming up, or would like to share?

Thanks so much and I hope to be back soon! Stay tuned for a fun 420-friendly release on the way with ZOF coming out on Nervous (NYC) early next year. I'm also in the process of collaborating on some music with my friend Moto Tembo that we're feeling really good about. Stay tuned for my remix of Michael Beggs' 'Mad Hatter' early next year as well on Feral One.

For more from EMUH, check them out here.



Longstocking - Good Stuff (EMUH Remix)
Skrillex & Boys Noize - Fine Day Anthem
brakence - 5g
Walker & Royce - Feel The Vibe
EMUH - End Of The World
EMUH - Dial Tones
EMUH - G Bounce
Naomi Wild - La La Land (BØATS Remix)
ZZISCO - Window
EMUH - Frog Kiss
Still Woozy - Kenny
Tessa Violet - Breakdown
EMUH - Dysmorphia
David Petty feat. Denim Protege - coffee / rain / sleet x EMUH modular weirdness

Feu du Camp:

Gabriel Belabbas - Contact
Voodoos & Taboos - Electronique
Kizoku & Luks - Jawa Race
Noiro - Dextro (feat. Nadir Sanchez)
Lamalice - Disco Saucer
Tom Frankel - Blind Date
Munir Nadir - It's Time to Kick Ass
Lamalice - Humanoid Contact (E.T. Speaking Mix)
Two Phase U - Attay Decack
Data Memory Acces - Hi-Tee