Tollefson (w/Feu du Camp)



For the last several years, Tollefson has been plunging the Pacific Northwest and West Coast into deep, dense, bass driven house, techno and breakbeat selections, consistently hitting hard the dance floors of Seattle at clubs such as Kremwerk, Q Nightclub, and more. Having opened for the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Jimmy Edgar, Ana Sia, and Julia Govor, and serving as host of Full Groove on Seattle’s longest running dance music station c89.5, Rachel Tollefson has proven herself among the most curative of selectors in the Crane City. This uncompromising aesthetic, combined with her consistent presence in the scene, offers a catharsis completely unique to each of Tollefon’s mixes.

How do you see the dance music scene locally and abroad handling the state of the world?

I truly feel that it’s been hard for everyone but– I have hope that this beautiful scene will flourish again.

What do you think of the virtual activity of dance music, despite the lack of dance floors?

As much as it pains me to not be able to dance or play in a club, I’m enjoying the virtual activity. I love being able to listen and catch visually appealing sets from artists I’ve yet to catch in person.

How are you remaining active with music during Pandemic?

To be honest, I haven’t been as active with music as I’d like to be. Aside from co-hosting Full Groove, I have been in a mentorship program with Martyn who is not only an incredible producer but a great teacher as well. I am so grateful for his program.

As a resident on Full Groove, what influence has radio had on you?

I’ve always loved being able to share the music that I love. Having the opportunity to curate, showcase artists and share amazing music over a platform that’s accessible worldwide is so fulfilling.

Can you talk about the effect c89.5 has had on dance music in Seattle?

I grew up listening to c89.5 and I believe it’s had a great effect on Seattle in a positive way! I’d discover new artists, tunes and even discover parties while tuning in.

Describe your selections in today’s mix.

Bold, driving, dark tunes to help navigate and push through confusing, somewhat angsty times.

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Feu du Camp's List:

  • 1. Jon Watts - Now It's Done
  • 2. Mr. Fries - Vibrate (feat. Kandinsky)
  • 3. Keppel - Atari
  • 4. K-Lone - Sine Language
  • 5. Aerial - Classified
  • 6. Heritage - Not A Drill
  • 7. Yaleesa Hall - Zoe Price
  • 8. Stenny - Stress Test
  • 9. Walton - Rolla
  • 10. Randomer - Smokin'
  • 11. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Othersode
  • 12. LA-4A - Unfaced
  • 13. TV.OUT - USER3328
  • 14. Nikki Nair - EXP515. SAAH - Stygian
  • 16. Konrad Wehrmeister - Kitchen Blade
  • 17. Felix Leifur - Bruiseblood
  • 18. Aloka - Blind Spot
  • 19. Jon Watts - William
  • 20. Felix Leifur - Listerine Munnskol
  • 21. DJ Fel - Zig
  • 22. Forest Drive West - Impulse
  • 23. Floral Resources - Botanic Panic

Tollefson's List:

  • 1. Draugr - Making Cyborg (Rework)
  • 2. Jerm - Headrush
  • 3. Hat-r - Heiß
  • 4. Dahryl - Frantic
  • 5. Sensitive - Barricade (SDB Remix)
  • 6. Midnight Vices - Everyday Night
  • 7. 138 - Minibear
  • 8. Anetha, Hadone - 4pm Snacks
  • 9. Nikita Zavodchikov - Hypoxyphilia
  • 10. David Asko - Dead with God (Jacidorex Remix)
  • 11. Alignment - 1994
  • 12. Viper Diva - Hold Me Back
  • 13. Fractions - All The Streets Are Silent
  • 14. Plaintiffs - DOA
  • 15. Rene Reiter - They Find U