June 1, 2018


What have you been up to?

Lately I’ve been focused on putting together events with my Underground Transmissions family. It’s been a lot of work but it has been really rewarding thus far. We’ve had a show UT show every weekend for the past month and we’ve really been feeling the love from our community.

How and where did you record your mix?

I recorded my mix at home using my Pioneer DJM450 and two XDJ700s. It’s simple to record out of Pioneer equipment as I can just run a USB out from the mixer and into my laptop.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

I really love the chunky sounds that float somewhere between tech-house and super stripped minimal music. It’s a sound I first came across at Lightning in a Bottle while at late-night Favela Bar sets. It’s got the high energy feeling of a typical tech-house club track but with more of a “out-of-your-mind” vibe. That’s essentially what I was shooting for.

What are you up to next?

I’m gearing up for our upcoming Underground Transmissions gig featuring the legendary, Sacha Robotti! It’s our first big booking and I’m really looking forward to it. Other than that, I’m working on improving as a DJ, saving up for new equipment, learning the ropes of production and looking to book out our next few events.


  • I Keep You (Original Mix) - Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo
  • Good Idea (Original Mix) - Enrico Bellan
  • I Know You Love Me (Original Mix) - Guterres
  • Amaneceres (Original Mix) - Jaceo
  • It Feels Inside (Original Mix) - Alexic Rod, Colombo
  • Ket Kafe (Original Mix) - Luca Radez
  • Rolling (Daniel Gorziza Dub Remix) - Philipp Lammers
  • Both (Original Mix) - Mariano Fonrouge
  • Dance All Night (Original Mix) - Yamil, Daniel Meister
  • Groove Play (Original Mix) - Darkrow, Jesus Galan
  • Chop Suey (Original Mix) - Andrew Butano, Miguel Lobo
  • Jump In (Original Mix) - Avgustin, Peppou
  • Trippy Phase (Original Mix) - Joey Daniel, Eder Alvarez
  • Space Junk (Original Mix) - Andreas Henneberg, Uone, Western