77. Sherman C

December 17, 2022


Owner and Operator of Seattle's Selector Records, Sherman has established the shop as an important location for collectors and, well, selectors to pick up essential tracks. Having become known for Sherman's curation, which excellently reflects the sensibilities driving the PNW's dance floors, Selector is a stronghold as the only dance-music dedicated for hundreds of miles.

Aside from all that, it's a pleasure to check in with Sherman more directly to get a sense of what he's into, and dig a little deeper on Selector Records.


How did Selector come to be, and what led to you opening a shop?

After moving back to Seattle in 2018 to a city with no dance music record shop, I was a little bummed out. So when the space I have the shop in now presented itself, I saw the opportunity and jumped on it and knew I was the one that was gonna make it happen again.

How has the music in the store changed over the years?

In the 3 years I’ve had the shop I’ve seen a resurgence in late 90’s UK Tech House, UK Garage and Breaks which has been interesting.

What inspires your curation both behind the counter and behind the decks?

Fresh sounds, new discoveries of obscure old dance records, and brand new releases that break the mold of typical sub-genres.

From your perspective, what drives people to pick up records in such a digitally fueled age?

A lot of people are bored with the ease of digital mixing, and the fact that anybody can become a DJ overnight with the simplicities of digital mixing.


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Sherman's Mix:

Candle Tribe - Candles
Cee-O-Funk - T'as Le Cul Qui Dit Oui
Ewan Jansen - ScitScat Return
Maik Yells - Church Party Sniff
Dragutesku - Teribil
Red Meat Therapy - Tale Of A Signal
Loop Exposure - Arkufen
Sensei Slider - Curling Sweepers Club
The Club Kidds - You Can Take Me
Ani - Love Is The Message
Javonntte - Matheny May
Scruscru/Meowsn’/Whatever - Fat That Track
Snoozin’ B - The B Is For Bass

Feu du Camp's Mix:

LVCA & Marlon - Seraphim
Marlon Lopez - April 19th
Alec Falconer & Harry Wills - Call of the Wild
Dick & Dan - The Devil's In the Detail
Jack Michael - Rampage
Liquid Earth - Spooky Snorkel
Sweely - Energy Bars
Snoozin' B - Blue Bag
LVCA & Marlon - Wobblegong
Rob Amboule - Lil Grey
Retrospect - This Can't Be
S.R. - STG Groove