The Altered Fields featured Bellingham DJ and producer @viber_official, spinning selections of forward thinking trap and hip hop!

What inspired your mix/what mood or vibe were you trying to achieve with this mix?

I wanted to prepare this mix as if I was on the bill of a massive music festival, like Bumbershoot or Sasquatch. I am really into mixing trap so I wanted to procure a collection of interesting new artists and a range of songs in the genre.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?

I recorded this set in my bedroom in Bellingham, using my Pioneer DDJ SR controller. I recorded the mix in Serato and used the controller’s FX and Beatpads to soften some of the song transitions.

What have you been up to with DJing and producing?

I’ve been producing and mixing on and off for the last few months, mostly just for fun as I have recently graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from Western Washington University. I am looking forward to having more time to dedicate to producing in Ableton and hopefully will have more exposure going forward so that I can DJ around Bellingham for house parties and the bar scene.


  • RJD2 - Salud
  • rare logic - i still care
  • Rustie - Slasherr (Flume Edit)
  • Chalice - Supremes (Original Mix)
  • Graves - Mouf
  • C Y G N - Blackout
  • AceMyth - 7&7: Day 6 (If I Died Today)
  • MF Doom - DOOM$DAY (AceMyth Remix)
  • josh pan. - fetch (feat. X&G)
  • X&G - Whiplash (feat. josh pan.)
  • Rusty Hook - Holla At Me
  • sober rob - Abduction w/Alexander Lewis
  • Subject 31 & Dvnglez - Arson
  • Wayvee & DJ Ride - Everything Turn Up
  • X&G - Kingpin
  • Jupe - Hurry 2.0 (James Gent Remix)
  • herzeloyde - Track ID??
  • herzeloyde - Heart
  • G Jones - Goblin (Yheti Remake)
  • Finesse - SwuM
  • Cavalier - External
  • Mr. Carmack - Kick It Up
  • tails. - 100hammers
  • Tsuruda - Punjabi $lang
  • Jorgen Odegar - Stay Woke
  • REFF - back to back
  • X&G & Aztek - Maub