August 4, 2017


For the next several Altered Fields episodes, @blackfuckingnoise artists will be sharing mixes from their roster! This month Estimate serves up a mix of tracks featuring everyone from the homies to big names. Check out the new project Esto For Short @esto_hop. Enjoy the mix, and see the interview and track list below!

What inspired your mix/what mood or vibe were you trying to achieve with this mix?

this mix was inspired by my friends being dope and me vibing out to old music from my itunes. I just thought about when I first discovered some of these older tracks and chased that feeling.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?

I used sp-404 and ableton to record it. at my apartment in seattle haha.

What have you been up to with DJing and producing?

I just put out a project called 'Esto for Short' at the end of June so I've been trying to get the word out about that. otherwise I've just been making new beats and writing raps ha. just living life and making music as much as I can.


  • intro (early morning - coffee and donuts) - ro blvd
  • climax - slum village
  • little pleasures - tokimonsta ft gavin turek
  • drowning - ocean jams
  • weened.fuel[flip] - hanzo
  • gamble - senga
  • seedy motherf***** - wiki
  • $$$ - klefto
  • sunday school dropout - Zapp Spaccy (RedKing x Sile Doty)
  • unknown beat from RB tape - RedKing
  • on the bus - Estimate
  • very polite - Estimate
  • that authentic - RedKing
  • Clever - Zapp Spaccy (RedKing x Sile Doty)
  • aStar - ro blvd
  • almost - jeremiah jae (beat by knxwledge)
  • atlantic Ave - scienze (prod. shungu)
  • munchies - tone liv
  • rockOn - selfish
  • for love I come - thundercat
  • the path - MoRuf x Iman Omari
  • U - NiceNate
  • addiction cycles - Quelle Chris (feat. Cavelier)
  • Mr. Denton on Doomsday - Zapp Spaccy
  • untitled beat from Still.Life tape- RedKing
  • taco - selfish x sxmGdy