Lucky Talisman



This month The Altered Fields features a hot future funk mix from @LuckyTalisman! Check out his recent releases on @nightfall-collective and @serieuxcolle, and give him a follow! Thanks for listening!

Opening track: Astro Plan//Rebuttal, @Nodalus

Closing Track: Let Me Luv U, @viber_official

What inspired your mix/what mood or vibe were you trying to achieve with this mix?

I made this mix to specifically showcase the different sounds of Future Funk and what the genre has to offer. There’s a lot of French house influence, some hip-hop based tracks, and a touch of some retro Japanese city pop. What really inspires me to make this kind of music is me definitely wanting to put myself in a place of nostalgia. It’s like this really faded memory of when I was a little kid sitting in the backseat of my parents car playing my gameboy color and Daft Punk’s new song “Around The World” comes on the radio. I’m trying to fill in those gaps in memory with contemporary production and to relive that excitement of child me by making dance music.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?

When I was first coming up with the mix I used virtual dj and this really beaten down Stanton controller just to get a feel for what I wanted. After that I just dropped everything into Ableton and spliced it together trying to replicate me performing on my controller.

What have you been up to with DJing and producing?

Fairly recently I’ve had the opportunity to join a couple future funk collectives and be featured on their most recent compilations. Other than that I’ve pretty much locked myself in my room to work non stop on some tunes I’m trying to release this month for my barren SoundCloud.


  • Boombox - Unitbe@t
  • Prime Time - Flashback
  • You Set Me Free - CyanBlue & ev.exi
  • Nights Over Tokyo - Jelly BonBon
  • Lose You - Elliot The French Kid
  • Bullet Train - ’92
  • Around - Marina
  • 99th Street - Vantage
  • Gravity ( Find Each Other) - Night Tempo
  • リサフランク420/現代のコンピュー (Ando remix) - Macintosh Plus
  • Dry French - Darius
  • Vanish - t o u c h s t o n e
  • Turn My Music Up - Flamingosis
  • Fresh - Digital Waves
  • Sensations - Cause & Affect
  • Natsumi - Hunter & Skibblez
  • Eyes On Me - Desired
  • Sledgehammer - Red Velvet
  • Move Me - Season
  • The Keeper - Knightbots
  • Kiss Me, Say It - Binary Stars
  • 日本のタイトルwhatever - Android52
  • It’s a Love Thing - Amherst
  • Burnin’ Hot - Lucky Talisman
  • 今を生きる- Future Girlfriend & Android Apartment