What inspired your mix/what mood or vibe were you trying to achieve with this mix?

The mix changes feelings a lot. I wanted to take the listener on a journey through different themes of my production which is mostly inspired by things I observe and people I work with.

Where did you record the mix, and what equipment did you use?

I have a library of my songs and jams chopped up as audio stems and midi clips. For shows focused around my production, I’ll set up an Ableton Live session and mix/play through everything on an APC40 and a few other midi controllers, usually with other musicians performing parts we collaborated on. For this one, I just used the APC40 MIDI mapped as a mixer and mixed through everything.

What have you been up to with DJing and producing?

I’ve been releasing less and playing less shows to try and focus on being able to create with a free mind in the studio without the pressure of worrying whether or not people will like it. I have been busy though, especially with collaborations. Getting to work with some very talented and creative people around me has been reinvigorating.

What are you up to next?

And next up, I’m planning a benefit for the Bellingham Girls Rock Camp in April. Looking to do more shows to raise money for causes we can have a lot of positive impact within our local community. The Food Bank benefit recently was a ton of fun and a huge success the proceeds have gone to pay for 10,000lbs of food.


  • Spirits - FXL
  • Apollo - Lookas
  • What You Know x HyperParadise (FXL Edit) - T.I. x Hermitude x Flume x GANZ
  • Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown x T-Pain
  • True - FXL
  • Method (Ft. The West Ghost) - FXL
  • Lugal - FXL
  • Stay Lit - FXL
  • Monarch - FXL
  • She's Looking Numb (FXL Edit) - Beats Antique x Bad Catholics
  • Answering Machine Jam - FXL
  • In My Head (FXL Remix) - Galantis
  • Streamers - Wave Racer
  • Mouth Jam - FXL
  • Space Band Jam - FXL
  • Jersey Has Hope (FXL Edit) - Future
  • #Love2015 (Ft. Honesty) - FXL
  • #Love2015 (VIP) - FXL
  • Stay Up (Ft. The West Ghost) - FXL
  • Get Ur Freak On (FXL Bootleg) - Missy Elliott
  • U Guessed It (FXL Bootleg) - 2 Chainz
  • Frequencies (Ft. Cody Voz) - FXL
  • Legends (Ft. Kalibwoy)(FXL Remix) - Yellow Claw x Cesqeaux