December 2, 2016


What inspired your mix/what mood or vibe were you trying to achieve with this mix?

With this mix I was going for a chiller hip hop vibe. the types of music I like to DJ the most are usually heavier and weirder trapish bass hip hop stuff such as Eprom or G Jones and then I also enjoy playing drum and bass, but overall what I love about music is variety. I like almost all styles of music so i enjoy trying to DJ all styles of music as well and going for different vibes each time.

What equipment did you use to record the mix?

I just used traktor and my kontrol s4 which I have found to work well for me. However my good friend Chick Iverson recently got a couple CDJs (nexus 900s) and i have been using those more for live sets. I find they have a slightly better sound and frankly just look and feel more legit. However they are very expensive and traktor gets the job done just fine!

Where did you record your mix?

I recorded it in my house on the dining room table, haha!

How did this mix differ from a live mix?

For live mixes I generally will start with something chill like this and then build up to heavier stuff. This was also a bit more planned whereas I like to improvise a little more live. Its definitely fun to sometimes try and create an overall mood with different mixes though.

What have you been up to with DJing/producing?

I have been producing with Ableton for the last couple months and have had a great time making my own beats and getting more familiar with the program. I put a work in progress beat I made in this mix cuz I thought it fit the vibe. I also have been DJing with my friends for fun a lot and also played at a couple parties.

What are you up to next?

I want to get better at producing with ableton! The more I work on it the better I get and I still feel fairly new to it as it is a complicated program. I definitely have the most fun DJing though. I also intern for a sound company that might be able to get me a gig in seattle sometime so stay tuned…


  • Alix Perez - Ghosts
  • G Jones & Bleep Bloop - ALL CAPS
  • DJ Shadow, G Jones, & Bleep Bloop - Pitter Patter
  • CastMusic - q
  • Elevated Mind - Culvert
  • Ebbo Kraan - Pian808
  • G Jones - Drift
  • G Jones - Drift VIP
  • Of the Trees - Mekanos
  • Of the Tress & DELTAnine - Feather of Truth (Alejo Remix)
  • RudeBoyNoize - ShadowTrix (Boats Remix)
  • G Jones - Terminal 3
  • Big Chocolate - Bypass
  • Shlump - Like This
  • CastMusic - YAKYAKYAKYAK
  • BlapDeli & Holly - Morning Butterflies
  • Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells
  • Big Chocolate - Here All Alone
  • Big Chocolate & DJ Two Stacks - Parlament
  • The Digital Connection - Architype
  • Stwo - Lust
  • Kill Frenzy - Kontrol
  • Eprom - Expert Slumpers
  • Yheti, Toadface, & Spankalicious - Epic Adventures
  • Yheti & Toadface - Ghetto Karma
  • Tashi - ID
  • Starkey - Apsis
  • Of the Trees & DELTAnine - Book of the Dead
  • Melanie Martinez - Carousel (Bleep Bloop Remix)