March 2, 2018


Episcool is a Bellingham based producer/DJ. When she’s not working on music she is busy running her music label/brand ‘sus collective’. Her favorite color is red and her favorite music to listen to/play are bass/experimental/hip-hop as well as dubstep and trap.

Upcoming Events:

Vindata + Electric Mantis at Q Nightclub 3/8

Kombucha Town 3/16 w/ BMoe

What have you been up to?

Lately, I’ve been just grinding away working and going to school and making music. I recently started a “100 days of beats challenge” where I make a beat every day for 100 days and I’m currently on day 13! I also have my second EP coming out in April so I’ve been busy haha.

How and where did you record your mix?

I recorded this mix in my room using Serato DJ.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

This mix is a collection of some of my current favorite songs/artists I’m listening to right now (hapa, tsuruda, t1r, razat, L*o*J, Misc. Enemy, lostdogz, etc), as well as some of my all time favorite tunes and then some of my own originals.

What are you up to next?

Next, I’m going to be finishing up my EP that is coming out on ThazDopeRecords April 3rd I believe. And then just getting ready for festival season and making as much music as I can.


  • hapa - awry
  • sktchy ppl - south
  • Vorso - needle
  • charles nimbus - Superstructure
  • Razat - dyes
  • LoJ - hidden percs
  • Tsuruda - pack heat
  • episcool - perp walk
  • episcool - headass
  • Holly & Chee - jilted
  • t1r - moves
  • Hapa - afghan goo
  • Chrome Republic - gunslingers
  • William. - lockdown
  • Misc. Enemy - street fight me bitch
  • cousin litt - sample pack money
  • Tsuruda x Huxley Anne - papaya
  • Woosta - maple syrup
  • Chrome Republic - beetroots
  • Bleep Bloop - Acid in the freezer
  • Aztec x Hapa x Tsuruda - sodium
  • Tsuruda - Jefferson Park
  • Gangus - Heavy Rotation
  • Dubloadz - Mind Eraser
  • TVBOO - throw it back
  • Minnesota - HiLow (Charlesthefirst Remix)
  • Corona. - oh oh oh
  • t1r - conk
  • Milano x Untitld - Waffles